How to open an account?

There are two ways to open an account:

1. Please click the “Open Account Now” button on the homepage of the website to open the account according to the content specified in the interface;

2. Contact the online customer service to provide your contact phone number and withdrawal bank card name to open the game account;


Security issue

All data transmissions on our website use the best encryption technology available today (1024-bit RSA key exchange and 448-bit blowfish) and a firewall system to protect your security and privacy, and to ensure that you enjoy fair play. All activities of the client on this platform are strictly confidential and we will not disclose customer information to any third party. All banking transactions are conducted by international financial institutions in a high standard of secure and confidential networks. Access to the player account information must also have the player's unique login ID and password to ensure that the client's funds are safe and secure.


Can I browse the game first before real bet?

We welcome you to browse our game system. Of course, this is free. You can log in to browse our games by signing up on our website.


What if I forget my password?

1. You can retrieve it online by the mobile number and withdrawal password left during registration;

2. Contact the 24-hour online customer service staff or call the customer service hotline to help retrieve your account password;


what if the name been registered?

Hello, when this prompt appears, you can get help through online customer service or telephone customer service;


How to deposite?

At present, we offer two deposit methods. For details, please click [Deposit Help] to view or contact 24-hour online customer service for assistance;


How to withdraw money after the game ends?

You can log in to the website to submit the withdrawal request yourself. (The member needs to log in to improve the bank information before the first withdrawal. The submission will be successful. The staff will review the payment within 2 hours. Please click [Withdrawal Help] for details];


How to bet?

At the betting interface, select the gameplay you want to bet, then enter the corresponding amount in the bet box. After confirming that the selected chip is correct, click the bet button.


How to prove that the game results are live?

You can monitor the video images of the game, and the pictures in the video are played live in the entertainment city. We ensure that all game results are real-time results.


Effective betting?

A valid bet is the amount of your bet, such as: betting on baccarat 100, generating a win or loss (except for a game), then 100 is a valid bet.


Why didn't the online payment back to my game account immediately after the online payment was successful?

Hello, this is because the online payment system needs to be locked and internal verification procedures, and this is one of our security procedures, so please don't worry, the money will not be lost. If you have not received your payment after more than 30 minutes of online payment, please contact our online customer service. Thank you!


How to deal with my account being frozen?

The account is frozen. When the account has non-secure operation, the system will automatically take protection measures for the account security. At this time, you can contact the online customer service to help you release the account freeze status.

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